Focus and Scope

The E-Narasi journal was established with the goal of showcasing academic studies focusing on narrative elements as the primary subject. This journal aims to enrich knowledge and facilitate the exchange of scientific information in the realms of language, literature, culture, and communication.

E-Narasi Journal publishes academic explorations in the following areas:

a. Language and Linguistics Studies: This includes theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, linguistics with cultural and social backgrounds, language teaching, and translation.

b. Literature Studies: Encompassing various aspects of literature and its interactions with other fields.

c. Cultural Studies: Focusing on the interplay of culture with language, literature, and communication across diverse dimensions and media.

d. Communication Studies: Covering the use of language as a communication medium in journalism, public relations, and broadcasting.

It is anticipated that this journal will contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and serve as a valuable reference in its specialized fields.