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The scope is an in-depth exploration of critical dimensions in the academic realm, with a focus on narrative as a central element. The journal covers a wide range of aspects, from in-depth cultural studies to in-depth literary analysis, with a commitment to presenting a rich academic nuance. In the context of communication and media, this journal explores the role of narrative at various levels, both in interpersonal interactions and in the context of ever-growing mass media. The scope also involves the exploration of new narrative theories, innovative research methods, and practical contributions that can be applied in a variety of cultural and communication contexts. This journal encourages an interdisciplinary approach by combining elements from culture, literature, and communication to understand narratives holistically. In addition, this journal pays special attention to the role of digital technology and electronic media in shaping and presenting narratives, and opens the door to a deeper understanding of historical and contextual narratives in society. Thus, “E-Narrative” is not only a place for theoretical research, but also a place where research findings can be applied in real practice, creating substantial contributions in the fields of culture, literature and communication.

Journal     : E-Narasi: Eksplorasi Nuansa Akademik dan Riset Aplikatif dalam Budaya, Sastra dan Komunikasi
ISSN      : (Online)
DOI   : 10.32877/narasi by 
Publisher   : Komunitas Dosen Indonesia
Country   : Indonesia
Language   : Indonesia / English
Acceptance Rate   : 100%
Frequency   : Three times a year (December, April, Agustus)
Indexing   : Copernicus, WorldCat, Google Scholar, Dimensions, OneSearch, Garuda
Email   : kdinarasi@gmail.com

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): e-Narasi
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Published: 2023-12-17


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