Screening for Plagiarism

The manuscript that submitted into this journal will be screened for plagiarism using iThenticate Software.

The Journal takes only the original materials for publication, the articles, that haven’t been published before and haven’t been presented for publication into another journal.
The Journal uses the software in order to reveal the textual borrowings in the presented manuscripts: The manuscripts, in which the plagiarism or the textual borrowings without the references to the original source are revealed, are rejected by the editorial board before the article’s publication in the Journal.
The Journal editorial board analyzes any case of plagiarism in fact. If the plagiarism or textual borrowings are revealed by the editors or reviewers at any stage before the manuscript’s publication, then, the author (authors) is (are) warned of the necessity to rewrite the text or to make references to the original source.

The manuscripts, in which the plagiarism is revealed, are processed on the basis of the plagiarism amount, presented in the manuscript : if the plagiarism is less than 25%, the manuscript is immediately sent to the authors for the re-examination of the contents, and if the plagiarism is more than 25% , the manuscript is rejected without the editorial reviewing. The authors are recommended to re-examine the textual borrowings and plagiarism of the manuscript and to present them repeatedly in the new manuscript.

The plagiarism percentage is calculated by the software and is also estimated by the editorial board.