Optimization of Application of Genetic Algorithm Using C4.5 Method to Predict Breast Cancer Disease

  • Hartana Wijaya Universitas Buddhi Dharma
Keywords: Breast cancer, Optimization, Accuracy, C4.5, Genetic algorithms, PSO


Cancer is a big challenge for humanity. Cancer can affect various parts of the body. This deadly disease can be found in humans of all ages. However, the risk of cancer increases with age. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and is the biggest cause of death for women. Then there are problems in the detection of breast cancer, causing patients to experience unnecessary treatment and huge costs. In a similar study, there were several methods used but there were problems due to the shape of nonlinear cancer cells. The C4.5 method can solve this problem, but C4.5 is weak in terms of determining parameter values, so it needs to be optimized. Genetic Algorithm is one of the good optimization methods, therefore the parameter values ​​of C4.5 will be optimized using Genetic Algorithms to get the best parameter values. The results of this study are that C4.5 Algorithm based on genetic algorithm optimization has a higher accuracy value (96%) than only using the C4.5 algorithm (94.99%) and which is optimized with the PSO algorithm (95.71%). This is evident from the increase in the value of accuracy of 1.01% for the C4.5 algorithm model that has been optimized with genetic algorithms. So it can be concluded that the application of genetic algorithm optimization techniques can increase the value of accuracy in the C4.5 algorithm.


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H. Wijaya, “Optimization of Application of Genetic Algorithm Using C4.5 Method to Predict Breast Cancer Disease”, bt, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 1-10, Oct. 2019.
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