Sales Analysis Using the Forecasting Method

  • Amesanggeng Pataropura Universitas Satya Gama
  • Riki Riki Universitas Buddhi Dharma
  • Ariadi Saputra Universitas Buddhi Dharma
Keywords: Point Of Sale, Sales, Forecasting, Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, Trend Projection


Sales Analysis Using Forecasting Method aims to improve effectiveness and efficiency that facilitates companies in business transaction processes, improve the delivery of information quickly, accurately, and transaction data well and minimize errors. The method used in the presentation of this scientific work is by using a forecasting method which helps determine the approximate stock of goods to come. With 3 forecasting modules are: Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, Trend Projection is used to perform the forecasting process of the upcoming stock of goods. Can solve problems that exist in the current system so that it can help in improving its services by calculating the stock and helping by determining the average data that has been linked to the forecasting module whose results can be concluded through reports per period. It can be concluded that the results of implementing this new system can help companies in recording each transaction that occurs becomes more efficient and effective, so that it can overcome the problems that exist in the current system. With this we can predict the current flow of goods that have been calculated based on 3 (three) modules that have connections with the system


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A. Pataropura, R. Riki, and A. Saputra, “Sales Analysis Using the Forecasting Method”, bt, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 144-147, Apr. 2021.
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